Saving the wood from the trees

By Steve Hunt

28th June 2016

Saving resources is at the core of Libris Systems, not only do we help our clients save valuable time and money, but we can now double up the saving of paper by planting trees to help the environment.

We are pleased to announce that Libris Systems have partnered with Trees for Life, helping them restore the Caledonian Forest and all its constituent species of flora and fauna to the Scottish Highlands. This will also help provide a powerful and educational experience to promote the work of restoration to wider audiences and lead to increased support for the return of the forest and its species.

Our Libris grove will be made up of native species grown from locally collected seed. Trees for Life plants Scots pine, willow, rowan, birch, hazel, alder, holly, aspen, bird cherry and many others. Once our tiny saplings are planted, they will begin to grow amongst the many others they plant. Over time, open hillsides will be transformed into healthy young woodland, rich in wildlife.  Once the trees reach seed-bearing age, natural regeneration will expand them into the forests of the future for generations to enjoy.   

The Libris goal is to help Trees for Life plant more trees by educating our clients on how they can work smarter to save time, money and the environment.