Sales teams, have a better day by following these 7 simple rules…

By Steve Hunt

15th September 2015

In the target-focussed world of sales, the pressure to sell more and more product faster than ever can result in customers having a less than satisfactory interaction with your sales force. Help your sales teams to have a better day by reminding them of these 7 simple rules for successful selling.  

1. Keep it real – develop a genuine relationship with the customer. Be your authentic self and don’t preach. Be kind, courteous, helpful and brief. Listen to yourself – make sure you have a calm, not aggressive, tone of voice. Don’t just ask ‘how are you?’ – to a perfect stranger, that’s weird.

2. Be time sensitive – communicate with your customers at a time and on a channel that suits them. Contacting someone at 9.05 on a Monday morning is unlikely to get the best reception – the same holds true if you repeatedly call when they’ve requested you to email them. Time is at a premium for everyone, so use your customers’ time as wisely as your own.

3. Two ears, one mouth – always worth calling to mind on a daily basis. Good salespeople should listen twice as much as they speak – you are far more likely to accurately interpret your customer’s needs if you take time to really listen to what they’re telling you.

4. But don’t forget to ask open questions – the customer is the best person to tell you what to sell to them. Ask them the right questions, listen to the answers and you’ll be able to identify their pain points and offer your solutions to them.

5. Know your stuff – one of the top complaints about salespeople is their lack of in-depth product knowledge. Don’t skimp on your homework – know your brand, market and products inside out so you can build trust and confidence as you sell them. Speak your brand – if its core principles are simplicity and money-saving efficiency, be sure to mention these throughout your conversation.

6. Take notes and read signs – don’t rely on memory alone – jotting down notes while you’re talking can yield golden nuggets of info for later use. And if you hear boredom in someone’s tone, withdraw, regroup and try another time, possibly on another channel.

7. Tee up the follow-up – Be clear about when and how you will next be in touch, and stick to the plan, scheduling automated prompts if you need them. Get permission, ask when it’s best to call again. It always helps to call back when they’ve asked you to do so. Above all else, be yourself. Don’t mislead, be respectful and never treat a prospect as just a number; numbers are what sales people try to hit, but loyal customers recommend you to their friends. Happy selling!

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