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Data storage challenges


6 months


PIM, Magento, PHP


Product Management Automatic Datasheets Website

As a growing company, with a number of new launches, RCL’s product data was becoming unwieldy and difficult to manage. Vast amounts of information were stored in multiple locations with much of it living in an enormous Excel spreadsheets, and this made it inaccessible for different departments.

One of the biggest issues RCL faced was keeping on top of updated product data. Every time a product was updated, the product data and public material relying on that data, had to be updated with new version numbers allocated to revised datasheets. With thousands of product variations, managing this system became a logistical nightmare.

"The speed and convenience of editing product information means we can provide the reassurance to our clients that as we update our products, our product data is up-to-date, and easily accessible."
James Curtis Marketing Manager

The introduction of a Product Information Management (PIM) system has helped to refocus RCL’s resource allocation. Before PIM the company was committing huge amounts of time to generating or editing product datasheets manually. Now that both datasheets and the website are based on the same data source, editing product information is simple.

Using the PIM system from Libris has enabled RCL to save time and money and ensure product information is updated in real time. Going forward, the company plans to to look at how it can further use the centralised data source for new communication materials.

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