Embarrassed to give out your last ‘dog-eared’ sales brochure?

By Steve Hunt

21st June 2016

It has happened to us all, you are just coming to the end of a great meeting, everyone has agreed with everything in your sales pitch, it has gone like clockwork. You have come across very professional and feel invincible, then someone asks for further information on what you have just spoken about.

This is when everything can change, you reach into your bag and pull out your latest brochure only to find it looks like it has been in there for months, all dog-eared and marked, you instantly start apologising saying that you are waiting for new brochures, and that it takes ages to get anything out of your marketing department (followed by a forced laugh and raised eyebrows), not the way you want to end a meeting.

Never allow yourself to be put in this situation again, there is a more professional and personal way to give out a brochure using the Libris SalesTool.

Libris SalesTool will give you confidence with all your marketing literature, knowing that what you give out it is up-to-date, relevant to the client and personal to them, helping you win more business.

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