The Deadline, the Hitch and the Wardrobe

By Steve Hunt

12th January 2016

Picture the scene. You’re rushing about the house in the morning, trying to get ready for work. Clothes are all over the place, some still in the wash, some drying on radiators, your shirt isn’t ironed, your socks are odd and you’re missing a shoe… What a time-consuming jumbled mess!

This kind of disorder is happening every day in the workplace, and is costing businesses time and money. Imagine your business is your house, and the clothes are company data, stored untidily in many places and sometimes even duplicated. It often takes far too long to track down assets, to make sure you have the latest version and check everything’s correct for release. And if you want to update or create new material, you might have to do it in multiple locations – another costly, repetitive process that can put deadlines under pressure.

But there is a way to fix this. Step into our PIM (Product Information Manager) – and think of it as your magical wardrobe, where everything is always clean, tidy and easily accessible. Everything from shoes, socks, trousers, shirts, jackets, hats and gloves are kept in one place, all in colour or outfit order, ready for when you need them. Now, when you are rushing to get out, you just need to ask yourself what you feel like wearing today, knowing that whatever you choose for any occasion will be clean, ironed and tailored to fit, giving you the confidence to take on anything the day brings.

Our PIM software system does the same with all of your data. It can be accessed by multiple users, all whom can be assigned one or multiple tasks to update or clean data, and it stores all of your product information, such as specification details, images, pricing, technical drawings, and multi-language copy.

Once information is uploaded to your PIM, it can be automatically fed out to your website or app, and any updates made are instantly delivered across all of your digital sales channels. It can also produce pdfs at the click of a button, and can push content into InDesign, saving you time and money on catalogue production. All from one central, clean source of data.

No more inputting the same data over and over for all of your different marketing requirements – just streamlined, money-saving efficiency.