Apologising because you have run out of brochures yet again?

By Steve Hunt

13th July 2016

Picture this, you have just had your best meeting, everything has gone smoothly, you answered every question and solved all the clients problems, they are ready to buy from you. They then ask you for a brochure so they can show the finance director straight after the meeting, this is the slap in the face, you have to tell them you have run out of brochures.

It’s like a waiter in a restaurant telling you all about the chef’s special of the day, spending all that time describing the ingredients, where they came from, how they are cooked, making your mouth water, then coming back saying it’s no longer available. We all know how that feels, you then have to choose something quickly that you don’t really want, or you get up and leave.

How good would it be if you told them they will have their own personalised brochure printed and delivered direct in 48 hours, covering all that was talked about, plus a personalised brochure will be sent direct to the finance director that outlines all the costs just for them. You can now relax as you have just won the deal.

Never run out of marketing collateral again, Libris has the solution that will always deliver, professional and personal sales material.

Make your sales and marketing teams amazing and help them win more business.

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