5 reasons why you need a bespoke marketing solution

By Steve Hunt

14th February 2017

You’re different. Sure, science says that statistically there will be 7 other people who look like you in the world. But they’re not you. You have your own likes, dislikes, hobbies, tastes and beliefs. You have your own identity. You need to be treated like the individual you are and you need a sales team who knows that.

A CRM system that can provide customers an experience tailored specifically to them is memorable. A system that allows companies to effortlessly create bespoke sales materials that meet the customer’s needs is engaging. But bespoke means more than just putting the customer’s name on it. It means having the opportunity to decide what content is relevant to your customers and being able to provide them with what they need. A bespoke marketing solution helps to create a unique customer experience.

A car can be personalised, or it could be bespoke. A personalised car might have your initials on the keyring. But that’s not bespoke. A bespoke car is suited to you all the way down to the exhaust pipe. You can choose the seats, colours, materials, finishes, engine sizes – everything. That’s the kind of sales and marketing system we offer at Libris.


So here’s 5 reasons why you need a bespoke marketing campaign


1) Improve customer relations

A bespoke service helps create a better relationship with customers. When they feel like they’re valued as an individual they’re more likely to trust you. A company that respects the uniqueness of their customers can develop a closer bond with them. In the end, it means that they’re able to inspire their customers to trust their service more. Which makes it much more likely that they’ll make a sale.

2) More relevant marketing

When you know what your customers want, it’s quite easy to give it to them. If you run a shoe company and you know one customer is only interested in red shoes, then you can direct your efforts towards that. By providing them with the information they want, you can increase customer engagement. Getting rid of any unwanted product information helps to make sure that the customer is seeing what they need. And when a customer is more engaged with your product, through relevant content and marketing, there’s a higher chance they’ll make a purchase.

3) Save money

Brochures cost money. To keep costs down, companies print far too many brochures. Which inevitably don’t get used and sit in storage for the rest of their lives. But with a bespoke publishing system you only print what you need. By cutting out all the unnecessary printing, companies can streamline their costs and make themselves more efficient.

4) Save time

In a system where companies can control their marketing materials with the touch of a button, you can cut down the time being spent on production. Once the individual files are uploaded they can be formatted and edited by anyone in the company. Which means you don’t have to wait for designs or artwork to create a bespoke brochure. You can edit and distribute in a matter of minutes, freeing up time to go and make more sales.

5) Save effort

Your workers are your company’s most valuable asset. So you need to be able to give them an environment where they can do what they do best, sell. A bespoke publishing system means that salespeople can focus on chasing down credible opportunities. It helps them to direct their full attention to the customers who need it most. Ultimately, by being able to locate the best leads, the sales people can make their whole process more efficient. Which allows them to make more sales.

With Libris’ system, sales teams can have the full range of marketing materials at their fingertips in a second. Ready to be accessed anywhere, at any time. All so you can build the bespoke marketing solution your customers deserve.